Telecine is a big streaming channel in Brazil, I worked as a senior designer and in the end I worked as a Lead, creating interfaces for TV, web and mobile.

I worked creating all visual for landing pages, coding in webflow and thinking in interactions, landing pages for AB tests, looking and heatmap to make design decisions.
I worked to redesign the streaming plataform for TVs and midia boxes (Roku, apple Tv and Android TV), it was a big challenge, but i loved the result.


Descomplica is an edtech in Brazil, I worked on the web conversion team and on the product, testing landing pages AB and doing user research to drive product decisions.


Crescendo is a concept of a vision of a product, we designed the idea with interaction and strong visual assets.
Co-creation with Pedro Julien


Nintendo is a brand that has always accompanied me, I have a special affection for its games, which motivated me to design this vision of communication and deaign.